Comic #137

134 - A Fitting End

There it is, wrapping up that little arc there. Rosa has her day and gets some uppances come.

Guys, there's a very real chance I'll be putting something in the Vaults soon. It may come at the cost of a few Cave Comic Proper pages, but I need to do something different for a bit. Thanks y'all.

Playing a bit of the new X-COM, and it's wonderfully similar to ye olde original game. I miss the squad of 18 completely disposable troops, being limited to just 6 now, but the missions are quicker and just as satisfying. When you get a squad of five hard veterans and one rookie with the arc wielder, guess who's not coming back? The red shirt should theoretically grant immunity to the rest of the away team, but it doesn't always work out that way. RIP 'Black Widow,' the deadliest sniper. G Allen, 26 July, 2013

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