49 - Johnny Appleseed of the Apocalypse

And here is where a powerful relationship dynamic is revealed. Don't think too much about it. I sure didn't.

Thanks for reading, it's a pleasure to have you regular readers. If you like the comic, please share it with a friend or two. I know six panels is a lot to get through for a poorly-drawn joke, but not every comic can be a scathing one-panel observation of every day or historical annoyances -slash- outlandish speculation of the reasoning of others' decisions. That was a long sentence that boils down to this ain't a kneejerk comic. I've got things like that going into the Vault if you're interested. Also in the Deep Vault. Man, looking at some of those How to Make Comics brings back good feelings about making comics. Like so. G Allen, 03 December, 2012

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