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1 - Meet the Chucklefucks

10 - Color!

46 - Diego and Ilse

73 - The Board of Extraordinarily Wealthy Gentlemen

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Who are these people?

These people are the stars of our comic. Francis Varhalla Savage (Francis) and Javier Moreno Martinez-Delgado (Javier) are a couple of chucklefucks. If they are in the middle of a silly situation, it's probably of their crafting. Listen, you get BORED after the apocalypse. Cut the guys some slack. Ilse Valencia and Diego Avandano are a young couple completely in love with each other. No really, like, completely.

Seriously, what's the deal?

It's a comic about puppets underground after a catastrophic and apocalyptic event. Puppets doing people things. Some puppets (Crazy Harry) do puppet things, like a cartoon of real life. These puppets adhere to a greater conviction of personal preservation. However, as drawings of three-dimensional inanimate objects they will often exhibit presentational qualities. It's what makes the comic fun to make. I trust they will keep most of their body parts attached to them.

Then why not just get some puppets and put on a show instead of drawing a comic?

Nobody plays with puppets on the margins of their notes in class. That's the kind of crap that gets you in trouble.

When does it update?

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The Vault will update weekly, around Tuesday. You could always follow the twitter or join the Facebooks.

What is The Vault?

That's older comics, sketchbook comics, unrelated comics, journal comics and now new comics produced weekly.

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