Scottish Vacation

This isn't my first foray into fictional international travel. Here's my fake Japanese vacation (and a link to my real one).

Saw the Hobbit yesterday. What a load of movie that was. And I guess it's a three-parter? For some reason I felt the hand of a writing team whenever non-book things were happening. I giggled a couple of times when Gandalf was teaching us a lesson by looking into the camera and digging into those prophetic-to-the-point-of-sappy words. But! The stone giants were cool. John Goodman as the goblin king blew me away. And Bilbo was an enjoyable character. But, and I must stress this, they are not saving the earth from an epoch of darkness. Instead, they are going after a dragon guarding treasure. It's a glorified, old-school D&D campaign which doesn't jive with the LORD OF THE RINGS TM feel they're trying to give it.

My wife pointed out that the Hobbit was a great book because it was fun and playful. It was an unexpected journey of delights and adventure, where characters grow and everybody ends up okay. The Hobbit is the the Lord of the Rings what The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is to Huckleberry Finn. So I can call it a good, if excessively long, and it tries too hard to be a story that it is not.

Still updating at least once a week for ya. If you don't see one before Tuesday, expect one then. Or expect a very sincere apology over the internet. I know it's the internet and it's impersonal approach to communication isn't the best forum for a late-comic mea culpa, but it'll be a very sincere apology. G Allen, 22 January, 2013

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