Chunky Brown

This turned out to be really personal after I had thought the whole comic out. I've got some footballs in my life that need kickin', no doubt. This was a comic I think I thought of during REM. That sort of thing happens. Was it Einstein who said he got his best ideas from the three B's: the bus, the bath and the bed. I'm not saying I'm like Einstein, but the evidence is difficult to refute.

If you google , the results are disappointing. I had to look up some pictures while drawing this thing, and it was then that I realized I couldn't actually slap Schultz's characters' names on this comic because that would destroy the continuum of his universe. He never kicks that ball and he's not going to kick it here. But Chunky Brown, he kicks that ball today. And goddamn does he knock it out of the park. I mixed sports metaphors and that's a slam dunk in my book. G Allen, 12 Febuary, 2013

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